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A collaboration of talented technicians and engineers who love what we do. The team works together to offer you an alternative service to high priced manufacturers driven by money and numbers. We are genuinely interested in keeping your business profitable by reducing costs or repairs and maintenance. We reverse engineer circuits, seek out superior quality replacement parts to repair equipment that is no longer supported by the Manufacturer as a part of their aggressive schemes to force you to purchase new equipment.

Sahara Simba Electronics is a woman owned business. 

We take pride and have passion for what we do. We offer professional services repairing equipment to restore optimal performance.  With our expertise in engineering circuits we repair your electronics rather than replace entire Printed Circuit boards to provide enormous savings to our customer.  We do not compromise quality of our replacement components with economy. Time is of essence and you rely on your equipment for consistent results.  We utilize our flexibility to offer workable solutions with transparency to minimize your down times, help meet your goals and live to requirements without surprises, hidden costs or agendas. We act in dignity and respect to grow the company and each other, deliver our best and remain accountable for results.

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