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  • Janet Ferrao

Eppendorf 5810R lid latch motor replacement

Follow the these steps to install new lid latch.

Note: when you remove a bad motor and connect to an external power supply , it may appear to work but will fail when installed. If your motor is failing, verify your board is working, and or replace motor.

Assuming you have already removed the old motor.

Line up the motor shaft through the plate and align the set screw it's the shafts indent.

Tighten down the set screw with an Allen key.

Feed the conductors through as shown below. You may put in the front screws at this point loose just to hold the motor in place.

Observe the polarity- Connect the red to the wider connection port and blue to the smaller one.

Secure the wire conductors with a Tyrap, so there's no obstruction to mechanical parts.

Tightened front screws .

Now slide under the centrifuge, placing the movable arm through front slot first. See below.

Next, thand tighten the screws underneath that hold the bottom plate in place. There are four screws - three shown below and one to the left (not shown here) .

Take your front mechanical assembly and place the sliding arms through each slot on the left and right side .

Screw the bottom post into the centrifuge plate shown below.

Now you may place slide for lid latch up or down to line up the shaft and bottom moveable arm before you place nut as shown below.

Finally, tightened all screws on the plate from the underneath to hold firmly in place.

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