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  • Janet Ferrao

Eppendorf 5415D Board Disassembly

Remove Rotor

Remove 4 Phillips screws on the bottom of the Centrifuge housing.

Lift housing to the side as shown below .

Disconnect display cable connection

Disconnect Ground connection using a plier to grip.

Remove emergency lid chord by pushing the plastic down through the opening and slip the chord out through the opening on the side

Disconnect Ground connection on the back chassis

Disconnect the Mains using a small flat head screw driver. Please note all your connections before disconnecting so that installing the working board is done correctly.


Do the same with the Brake connection

Unplug your Motor feedback connector by simply unplugging.

Cut the tywrap cable with a cutters to free the motor connection.

Using your small flat head screw driver, undo your motor connector

Now turn the unit over and remove 4 Phillips screws from the base.

And finally remove one Phillips Ground screw and toothed washer from post close to Mains connector

Release motor feedback cable from the slot in the board and now your board should be free.

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