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Eppendorf 5415R Error 20

Temperature sensor error displayed as soon as you turn on the centrifuge.

This error is related to the sensor inside the rotor chamber.

If this error is displayed as soon as you turn on the centrifuge.

Check the connection between the sensor and the display board.

With your DMM... measure 6.0 k Ohm across the red and blue wire. With warmth applied to the temperature sensor the resistance will slowly drop.

Also check the connection to the Display PCB .

With your calibrated DMM check the continuity from the grey connection to the display board.

If no continuity is measured, repair or replace this wire connection.

With your DMM... you should measure 6.0 k Ohm across the marked two pins..

if you warm up the Temperature sensor by placing you fingers over the sensor. The resistance across the sensor will drop as the sensor temperature rises.

If you cannot obtain the above measurement, repair or replace your cable connection.

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